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Digital Academy is a personal & professional development institute where we do things differently when compared to a traditional learning institute. Being aware of the educational atmosphere around the country, I feel there is a massive flaw in the commitment to deliver quality education..

A conference is a meeting of people who "confer" about a topic. Conference types include: Convention (meeting), meeting of a, usually large.

You might find a lot of excellent teachers and quality material to help you ace the curriculum, but once you enter the market hundreds and thousands of graduates are suffering. They lack the essential selling (interview) skills. Every candidate that goes out to find a job has to sell himself and his skills first. There is no way you will be able to build your career without having self-confidence and communication skills. Keeping hundreds of graduates that fail to enter the job market, the Digital Academy was born with a focus on developing personality-traits.


We will help overcome all those flaws that can hinder the progress of an individual in their professional life. The race to reach the top is never going to slow down, so should you! Digital Academy is going to be your first choice to not only build a career but your personality too. It will change the way of your thinking because the minds behind Digital Academy are working out of the BOX. We wish you good luck!.


Digital Academy aims to become leading Institute to provide quality education in skill development domain along with Personality development. Academics are Important but skill set should be given equal or more importance to qualify the opportunities..

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