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Personnel Selling Skills

Personnel Selling Skills

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This course focuses on the theoretical and practical techniques used in selling goods and services in a business-to-business (b-to-b) environment. Emphasis is given to developing practical skills in presenting goods and services to prospective buyers. Attention is devoted to the art of persuasion as a life-skill and to the need to develop professional relationships in business. The importance of the sales professional in the business community and the need for ethical behavior is emphasized. The overriding sales philosophy is relationship focused and the customer approach is consultative. Personal selling is the direct face-to-face selling done to a potential buyer behalf of a company. Personal selling helps a company build and improve lasting relationships with customers and is a handy tool in the hands of marketers due to various reasons. It gives marketers the freedom to make adjustments in the promotional message to satisfy the information needs of customers. It also allows them to target the promotional message with utmost precision and direct it at the most promising leads.As there is a two-way interaction, personal selling allows marketers to obtain valuable feedback from the customers, that in turn helps them identify the strengths and weaknesses in existing products and improve new product development.



Objective and Scope of Personal Selling

  • Sales Management as defined by
  • Objectives of Sales Management 
  • Sales Executives as Coordinator
  • Coordinating with Advertising
  • Co-ordination with Production

 Buyer Seller Dyad and Personal Selling Situations

  • Buyer Seller Dyad
  • Diversity of Personal-selling Situations
  • Recent Trends In Selling
  • Team Selling
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Theories of Personal Selling

 Theories of Selling

  • “Right Set of Circumstances” Theory Of Selling
  • “Buying Formula” Theory of Selling
  • “Behavioral Equation” Theory

 Personal Selling Process

  • Personal Selling Process
  • Steps in Personal Selling Process
  • Mistakes in Sales
  • Prospecting and evaluating potential customers,
  • Preparing to approach,
  • Approaching the customers,
  • Making a presentation to the customer,
  • Handling objections,
  • Closing the sales deal and follow up

Managing the sales force calls

  • Establishing sales objectives,
  • Fixing the sales quotas,
  • Designing the sales force,
  • Determining the size of sales force,
  • Recruiting the sales force,
  • Routing and scheduling their activities,
  • Training the sales force,
  • Providing compensation,
  • Evaluating their performance and motivating the sales force.


 Prospecting, Objection Handling and Closing

  • Prospecting
  • Formulating Prospect Definitions
  • Searching out Potential Accounts
  • Sales Resistance
  • Closing Sales

 Sales Forecasting

  • Types of Personal-Selling Objectives
  • Market Potential
  • Analyzing Market Potential
  • Market Indexes
  • Sales Potential and Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Forecasting Methods
  • Qualitative Forecasting Methods
  • Poll of Sales Force Opinion
  • Survey of Customers’ Buying Plans

 Sales Forecasting-II

  • Projection of Past Sales
  • Moving Average Method
  • Regression Analysis
  • Econometric Model Building and Simulation
  • Converting Industry Forecast to Company Sales Forecast

 Functions of Salesperson

  • The Effective Sales Executive
  • Nature of Sales Management Positions
  • Position Guide-Sales Manager
  • Functions Of The Sales Executive
  • Qualities of Effective Sales Executives
  • Relations with Top Management
  • Relations with Managers of Other Marketing Activities

 Importance of Customer Feedback By Sales Personnel

  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Don’t ever forget to say THANKS!
  • What Is Marketing Channel?



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