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Organizational Development

Organizational Development

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Organizational development deals with multiple admin strategies for the modification of beliefs, values, and organizational planning to adapt new technologies, challenges, and markets. OD is recognized as an arena of science concentrating on understanding and dealing with organizational amendment and as an arena of methodical study and review.Broadly, OD covers the complete betterment of the organization about its administration, workforce, productivity, and satisfaction of members and associates through analysis, planning and process enforcement. Certified OD specialists help organizations in identifying OD issues and arriving at a suitable development model to help company’s growth.

Organizational Development Overview

  • Tangible & intangible aspects in organization
  • Rapid pace of change & mega trends
  • How OD has benefited organizations?
  • OD overview, its history & advantages
  • Some great thinkers in OD
  • Various OD models i.e. Action research model, Burke-Lit win model etc.

 Understanding strategy

  • Overview of Porter five forces model
  • SWOT analysis
  • Value discipline model
  • Role of Mission, vision & values
  • Strategic alignment: analysis & planning
  • Creation of strategy maps and drivers and key determinants

Organizational Diagnosis

  • What is organizational diagnosis?
  • Why diagnosis?
  • Various diagnostic models
  • Understanding Malcolm Baldrige business excellence model
  • SWOT assessment using Malcolm Baldridge scoring sheet
  • Identification of weaker areas of organization

HR process audit and identifying improvement areas

  • HR processes
  • Need for improvement
  • Overview of People Capability Maturity model
  • Why PCMM?
  • Components of PCMM
  • Process characteristics of five sequence levels
  • Implementation & uses of PCMM
  • Assessment & analysis of organization using PCMM

HR Key drivers of OD

  • Competency Centricity
  • Key determinants
  • Understanding competency mapping
  • Competency assessment
  • Competency Improvement - training aspects when and why?
  • Compensation Centricity
  • Key determinants
  • Rewards & basics of compensation
  • Equity management
  • Reward planning
  • Performance Centricity

Key determinan


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