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iOS App Developer

iOS App Developer

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iOS App Developer training course will teach you to design and code iphone apps. This iOS course will train you on the ins and outs of the iOS 10 platform, including user interfaces, input restrictions, notifications, messaging and integration includes knowledge of iPhone framework, screen layout, UI design, packaging and publishing.


  • Explaining the history and evolution of iPhone platform and App store
  • Describing the various elements and framework of the SDK
  • Details on IDE and simulator for iPhone apps development
  • Apple Developer Program& iOS Architecture

Single view Application

  • Illustrating the underlying workings of outlet and action in iPhone SDK
  • Explaining the view controller and steps for connecting them with outlet and action

User Interface

  • Explaining different view libraries to display images, alerts, buttons and web content
  • Describing the tree structure of view hierarchy in iPhone SDK
  • Illustrating the steps for switching between different view using the SDK


  • Utilizing keyboard inputs using the SDK
  • Explaining the different screen orientation, events and their response by views

Multi view Application

  • Describing windows based view and navigation applications in iPhone SDK
  • Illustrating development of tab bar application for iPhone SDK
  • Explaining creation of utility application using the SDK

Data View

  • Developing table view by using the iPhone SDK
  • Illustrating techniques to store, access and reset application preferences
  • Explaining the usage of SQLite 3, file storage and data persistence in iPhone


  • Illustrating and implementing multi touch in iPhone
  • Steps to implement animations and transitions using the SDK
  • Describing the process of accessing and using location based service
  • Accessing and using the camera, SMS and Shake API

Sample Application

  • Application Aim
  • UI Building
  • UI and Source Code Wiring
  • View Controllers
  • Custom Control
  • Data Model



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