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Teaching Training

Teaching Training

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This unit presents the theory behind teaching and learning. The aim of this unit is to describe the basics of teaching English and to provide the possible methodologies you can apply to your classes. You will discuss the different uses of English and the reasons people choose to learn this language. You will identify the different types of learners based on their learning styles and internal characteristics. Furthermore, you will be aware of your own learning style and how much this can affect your teaching. You will discuss new perspectives of teaching by identifying the different roles that  teachers adopt in a classroom situation. Moreover, you will define what it means to be an effective teacher by reflecting on your own experience as a student and comparing that information with research papers. You will learn about some theories of education, such as behaviorism, cognitivism and constructivism and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each methodology. You will reflect on the impact of motivation on the success of learning a language.


This unit deals with a “key element“ in language learning: vocabulary. In this unit you will define various vocabulary terms and reflect on the importance of teaching vocabulary. You will study a selection of techniques and strategies to present new vocabulary. You will select the techniques that seem appropriate to your personal teaching experience. Also, you will learn some strategies to suggest to your students to help them learn vocabulary on their own. Finally, you will receive a list of game-like activities for practicing vocabulary.

The Four Skills

  • Aspects related to the receptive skills.
  • Strategies and activities to develop students reading and listening skills
  • Analyze a model  lesson plan for a reading or listening class
  • Create your own lesson plan based on this mode.

Classroom Management

Aware of different aspects related to classroom management

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication,
  • Grouping and interaction,
  • Error correction
  • Use of materials
  • Discipline

Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is like an orchestra where each and every element has an essential role in order to create a smooth, harmonious melody. The success of your class may depend on the effort and time you dedicate to planning.

  • Pre-planning,
  • The Actual Planning
  • Evaluation of the plan


  • Importance of games in the classroom.
  • Identify different types of games

 Grammar And Pronunciation

  • Basis of grammar and phonology



This module introduces the basic terminology related to teaching skills, and then looks at teaching skills in more detail. This is followed by an introduction to teaching methods and the main components of classroom management that are crucial for language teachers, such as using your voice, giving instructions, seating arrangements.

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