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Customer Relationship Building

Customer Relationship Building

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Every positive interaction you have with a customer helps build a strong relationship between your business and that customer. The opposite is true if the interaction is less than positive. In fact, the quickest way to lose clients is to interact poorly with them – no matter how good your product, they'll take their business elsewhere. Course is designed to equip you with the hard and soft skills to build and manage positive relationships with your customers. It will show you how to improve your customers’ experience and how to ensure everyone in your organisation prioritises customer relationship building.

Overview of the customer

  • Key features of a customer
  • Steps involved in building a positive customer relationship.

Customer journey

  • Elements of the customer journey,
  • Identifying needs
  • Making contact
  • Buying and returning after a good experience.

Building a customer-centric organisation

The elements required to build a customer-centric organisation, including the building of a customer- centric strategy.

Leading a customer-centric organisation

  • The core focus
  • Key traits of a customer-centric leader
  • Importance of employee engagement

Providing outstanding service

The skills, knowledge and attitudes required to provide outstanding service are identified and applied to the workplace.

Customer complaint management

The organisational considerations for complaint management and insights into ways in which to turn negative feedback into positive.

Measuring customer service

Customer loyalty with the net promoter score, as well as customer relationship management is unpacked as valuable key metrics to use.

Improving customer service

The future customer, new generation and ever- evolving customer needs and ways in which to meet these needs


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