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Facebook Specialist

Facebook Specialist

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Facebook Marketing and Advertising  is a course structured to enable the professional to gain a thorough knowledge on the aspects of this social networking  site  and make the best use of this latest marketing strategy. This course will help you gain a thorough knowledge on the various aspects of Facebook. Learn how to make the best use of this social media platform, define strategies and use its marketing tools such as Facebook Groups, Facebook Live, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Ads, Facebook Business Manager, and Facebook Insights.

Understanding Facebook

●    Social Media Landscape

●    Facebook Introduction

●    Starting Your Facebook journey

●    Facebook Options for Business

Understanding the Facebook Algorithm

●    The Facebook Newsfeed and Organic Reach

●    The Facebook Algorithm Today

●    Top Ranking Factors in the Facebook Algorithm

●    The Future of the Facebook Newsfeed

 Groups, Pages, Messenger, Facebook Live

●    Facebook Groups: Set up and Business Use

●    Facebook Pages: Set up, Business Use and Best Practices

●    Facebook Messenger: How to use for Business

●    Facebook Live: Set up and how to use for Business

Understanding the Facebook Algorithm and News Feed

●    Facebook Business Manager

●    Publishing, Scheduling, and Moderation on Facebook

●    Facebook Insights

●    Facebook Productivity Tools

●    Facebook Pages, Groups, and Events policies

 Connecting your Facebook

●    Using Facebook’s Social Plugins

●    Facebook Rights Manager

●    Setting up your Facebook local page

●    Facebook and non-Facebook Marketing Tools

 Understanding Facebook Ads

●    Global Advertising Spend by Media

●    Facebook Ad Campaign structure, Ad objectives, and Targeting

●    Facebook Ad placements, Ad formats, and Budgeting

●    Facebook Ad Performance, Testing, and Tools


 Creating your Facebook Ad

●    Ad Manager and the Facebook Ads Interface

●    Creating your ad from Campaign to Ad Set to Ad

●    Ad Formats and Ad Media

●    Approving Your Facebook Ad

Facebook Targeting

●    Targeting on Facebook

●    Facebook Audiences - Create a Custom Audience

●    Facebook Audiences - Create a Lookalike Audience

●    Facebook Audiences - Create a Saved Audience

 Facebook Tracking and Reporting

●    Facebook Conversion Tracking and Facebook Pixel

●    Setting up Standard and Custom events for conversion tracking

●    Analyzing your Facebook Ad results

●    Facebook Analytics


Facebook Commerce

●    Setting up your Facebook Shop

●    Creating Your Facebook Catalog

●    Using Facebook Dynamic Ads

●    Promoting Your Facebook Shop

 Facebook Best Practices

●    Optimizing your Facebook Page

●    Best Practices in Pages, Posts, and Ads

●    Facebook Ads in Top, Middle and Bottom of the Funnel

●    Best Practices in Facebook Ads Images and Copy


Facebook Privacy and Security

●    Facebook Ad Policies

●    Prohibited and Restricted Content

●    Data Use Restrictions and GDPR

●    Ads Related to Politics or Issues of National Importance


 Facebook Blueprint Examinations

●    Certifications and Badges

●    Exam Process and Fees

●    Facebook Planning Professional Certification

●    Facebook Buying Professional Certification


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