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Professional Digital Marketer (PDM)

Professional Digital Marketer (PDM)

Price :Rs : 4000 Per Month Rs

Writing Skills

Effective Written Communication and professional writing skills are increasingly important for businesses today as email, letters and documents need to be produced and published in shorter time periods as our flows of information adapt. Training courses help delegates improve their writing skills for better Public Relations, media relations and higher quality documents and online content development.

In this course you will learn writing style and storytelling fundamentals to help you produce better writing in general—whether you want to write a book, try your hand at screenwriting, or write articles. Combine the power of words with the ease and speed of email and social distribution in the digital age and one can quickly see that it has never been more important to learn to write clearly, effectively and efficiently.


Digital Marketing Course Outline

The Digital Marketing (DMCA) course is designed to help you master the essential disciplines in digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media, pay-per-click (PPC), conversion optimization, web analytics, content marketing, email and mobile marketing. Digital marketing is one of the world’s fastest growing disciplines, and this certification will raise your value in the marketplace and prepare you for a career in digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Course will transform you into an industry-ready social media marketer. It combines the disciplines of advanced social media, advanced content marketing and advanced web analytics course to help you elevate your brand and execute compelling social campaigns. Fast-track your marketing career with this complete, structured advanced social media course. Include tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest. These are widely used tools with large number of users and also most popular for social media marketing purposes.


Graphic Design & Multimedia

Are you interested to make career in Graphic and Multimedia? If yes, this course will teach you about all modern graphic and multi-media design tools and techniques, Graphic & Animation Design & Multimedia Boot camp course is for anyone who is interested in becoming a graphic designer, and especially geared towards total beginners. I’ll show you how to make some of the most popular projects in the industry, like custom logos, business cards, brochures, web graphics, and more. We will be using Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator; the industry-standard applications for graphic design. I’ll also review relevant terms and design practices to help you create pixel-perfect projects for print and web, with the goal to get you up and running as soon as possible so you can start your new and exciting career as a graphic designer.

All project files are included as a free download at the beginning of each section, and you are welcome to use the files however you want, or simply to follow along with the projects as we move through the lessons.

Module#1 – Introduction to the Graphics & Animation

  • Getting comfortable with Photoshop: Making a Poster
  • Photoshop Continued: Creating a Composite Image
  • Getting comfortable with Illustrator: Typography Poster
  • Logo Design: Create a Custom Logo for Your Business or a Client
  • Create a Magazine Ad
  • Getting Familiar with InDesign: Create an eBook
  • Create a Custom Brochure
  • Create Custom Business Cards
  • Getting Online with Adobe Portfolio

Module#2 – Adobe Illustrator CC 

  • Understanding the Environment
  • Using the Tools
  • Tool Box Overview
  • Using Context Menu
  • Viewing Artwork
  • Working With Tools and Palettes
  • Drawing Grids
  • Working With Symbols
  • Using Symbolism Tools
  • Drawing And Editing Brushed Paths
  • Managing Brushes
  • Creating Brushes
  • Using The Brush Libraries
  • Tracing Artwork


Module# 3 – Illustrator CC Working With Multimedia Objects 

  • Correcting Mistakes
  • Using Rulers
  • Using Guides And Grids
  • Using Smart Guides
  • Selecting Objects
  • Saving, Editing, And Loading Selections
  • Moving, Copying, And Deleting Objects
  • Rotating The X And Y Axes
  • Transforming Selected Objects
  • Using The Transform Palette
  • Using Warp Effects
  • Using Envelopes
  • Modifying Shapes With Liquefy Tools
  • Modifying Shapes With Filters & Effects
  • Combining Objects Into Complex Shapes
  • About Compound Shapes
  • Creating Compound Paths
  • Converting Strokes To Filled Objects
  • Working With Clipping Masks

Module#4 – Adobe After Effect CC

  • Introduction to After Effect
  • Understanding basic Interface
  • How to make New Project
  • How to make new Compositing and it’s Setting
  • Concept of Layer in AE
  • Layer Making and Setting
  • Layer Arrangement

Module#5 – Adobe Photoshop CS6

• Getting to Know the Work Area

 • Basic Photo Corrections

 • Working with Selections

 • Layer Basics

 • Correcting and Enhancing Digital Photographs

• Masks and Channels

 • Typographic Design

 • Vector Drawing Techniques

 • Advanced Compositing

 • Editing Video

 • Painting

 • Working with 3D Images

 • Preparing Files for the Web

• Producing and Printing Consistent Color A

Social Media Marketing


  • Social Media Marketing Introduction
  • Lock Up Social Media Handles!
  • Why is Social Media Marketing Important
  • Building a Sustainable Social Media Strategy
  • Understanding Paid, Owned, and Earned Media
  • Understanding the Impact of Great Visuals
  • Understanding the impact Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing and Online Reputation Management
  • Understanding the Role of Social in the Sales Cycle
  • Social Media Measurement


  • Introduction
  • Facebook Profile VS. Facebook Page
  • How to Create and Optimize a Facebook Page
  • How to Change your Facebook Page Category
  • How to Use Keywords in your Facebook Page Description
  • What Makes your Facebook Page Awesome?
  • How to Create a Paid Facebook Ad
  • Elements of the Perfect Facebook Ad
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Creating an Audience on Facebook
  • Standard Events or Custom Conversions on Facebook


  • Introduction
  • Why Instagram and How to Get Started!
  • LAUNCH a New Instagram Account
  • Optimize your Instagram Bio & Profile Image
  • Things to Post on Instagram and When to Post!
  • Instagram Captions & Hashtags
  • Reposting Instagram Content
  • Instagram Stories
  • How to Increase your Instagram Followers & Exposure
  • Convert Instagram Followers to Sales & Leads
  • Instagram Algorithm
  • Sponsored Posts - Pay & Get Paid for Instagram Posts
  • Instagram Ads
  • Shopping on Instagram
  • Instagram Ads via Facebook (
  • Instagram Analytics


  • Introduction
  • Build and Optimize your YouTube Account
  • End Screens on YouTube Videos
  • How To RANK Any VIDEO #1 On YouTube
  • Customize your YouTube URL
  • Optimize your YouTube Videos
  • YouTube SEO & YouTube Channel Mastery
  • Paid YouTube Video Ads via Google Adwords
  • SEO & YouTube - Repurposing Content
  • YouTube Reports & Analytics

Digital Marketing Course Outline

  • SEO Foundations

  • Introduction
  • On-Page Optimization
  • O­-Site Optimization
  • Keyword Research and Competitive Intelligence
  • Design and Architecture
  • Local SEO
  • SEO Measurement
  • Algorithm Updates and SEO Changes
  • Integrating SEO with Other Disciplines
  • Social Media

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Social Media Strategy and Planning
  • Social Media Channel Management
  • Social Media Management Tools
  • Social Media Measurement and Reporting
  • Social Advertising
  • Content Marketing

  • Introduction to Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Overseeing a Content Marketing Program
  • Content Marketing Tactics
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Content Marketing Budget and Measurement
  • Email Marketing

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Elements of Email
  • Working with an ESP
  • Build and Maintain Your List
  • Avoid Spam Penalties
  • Email Deliverability
  • Campaign Measurement
  • Automation Basics
  • Mobile Marketing

  • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Products and Services
  • Promotions and Incentives
  • Integration with Marketing Mix
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Analysis
  • Rules and Regulations
  • .Pay-Per-Click

  • Introduction to PPC
  • Psychology of Search
  • Account Hierarchy
  • Increasing Reach with Display Network
  • Reaching Target Audiences
  • The Buying Funnel
  • The Paid Search Auction
  • Setting and Measuring Marketing Goals
  • How PPC Fits into the Digital Strategy?
  • Conversion Optimization

  • Introducing Conversion Optimization
  • Laying the Foundations of Conversion
  • Getting to Know Your Customers
  • Creating the Message
  • Anatomy of a Landing Page
  • Why Design Matters
  • Testing for Conversions
  • Seeing the Bigger Picture
  • Digital Analytics

  • Introduction to Digital Analytics
  • Organizational Maturity
  • Building Blocks
  • Management Perspectives of  Digital Analytics
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Segmentation
  • The Analysis Process
  • Marketing Management
  • Experimentation and Testing
  • Reports and Dashboard
  • The Digital Analytics Stack
  • Marketing Automation

  • Introduction to Marketing Automation
  • Lead Capture and Nurture
  • Triggers and Series
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Nurture Campaigns
  • Measurement Attribution
  • Customer Journey
  • Programmatic Buying

  • What is Programmatic Buying
  • Programmatic Buying vs. Traditional Paid Marketing Approaches
  • Programmatic Direct vs.
  • Real-Time Bidding
  • Programmatic Workflow
  • Targeting Strategies in Programmatic
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    Introduction Digital Marketing Strategy


  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook
  • YouTube and Video Marketing
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Case Studies, Tips, and Best Practices

Writing Skills


  • What Is Writing?
  • Audiences
  • Writing Styles


  • What is Clear English?
  • Clear English myths
  • An Important Message
  • The Evidence for using Clear English.
  • Literacy Levels

Phases in Writing

  • Before You Write:
  • Think about your objective: Setting Your Objectives
  • Think about your reader : Identify Your Reader
  • Think about your voice : Identify Your Voice

Building Blocks

  • Building Blocks of Writing: Words
  • Building Blocks of Writing: Sentences
  • Building Blocks of Writing: Paragraphs
  • Building Blocks of Writing: The Whole Thing

Principles of Great Writing

  • Writing Techniques
  • Logos - The Logical Argument
  • Pathos - The Emotional Connection
  • Ethos - Your Credibility
  • Being Direct
  • The Active Voice
  • The Passive Voice
  • Verbs, Not Nouns
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Keeping it real
  • Ambiguity
  • Being Inclusive
  • Management Speak & Cliché

After You Write

  • Editing - Objective Testing
  • Editing For Brevity
  • Editing For Clarity
  • Attention Grabbing
  • Simplify these sentences
  • Due Diligence
  • Check your words
  • Proof Reading

Writing For An Audience

  • Story Writing
  • Comedy Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Mystery, Spy , & Science Fiction Writing
  • Instructional Writing
  • Opinionative Writing
  • Poetry Writing
  • Reflective Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Technical Writing





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