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Digital Selling

Digital Selling

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Digital and social selling is changing the game for sales and marketing teams everywhere. Based on proven methods, digital selling course is designed to help sales and marketing professionals sharpen their digital and social selling skills and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. You’ll get hands-on exposure to modern CRM and sales intelligence tools and learn how to improve social media engagement, generate better quality prospects, drive faster conversions and generate more revenue.

Attract your customers

  • What is Digital Selling?
  • What Makes a Successful Digital Business
  • The Difference between Digital Selling and Social Selling
  • The Importance of Digital Sales Tools
  • Importance of Developing a Strong Social Media Profile
  • Advantages of Building a Personal Brand
  • Building a Strong Personal Brand
  • Enhancing Social Credibility
  • Managing Your Social Platforms Part


Connect with your customers

  • Defining the Buyer Journey
  • Introduction to Digital Buyer Profiles
  • Honing Your Target Buyer Personas
  • The Value of Sales Intelligence
  • Sales Intelligence Tools and How to Use Them
  • Researching Market Trends
  • CRM and Marketing Automation and Their Value in Digital Selling
  • The Importance of A Digital Sales Hub
  • Measuring Buyer Engagement Introduction to Digital Selling Tools
  • Converting Prospects into Customers


Engage with your customers

  • Creating Persona-specific Content and Delivering It
  • Establishing Thought Leadership
  • Setting Up Your Content Creation Calendar
  • Creating a Multi-channel Campaign
  • Essential Content Management Tools


Convert and Grow your customers

  • Optimizing Your Campaign Calendar
  • Tailoring Your Message to Suit the Buyer Persona
  • How to Engage with Buyer Personas to Drive Sales
  • Managing Your Digital Sales Campaigns
  • Importance of Developing Customer Relationships
  • Using Digital Selling to Aid Customer Expansion
  • Handling Negative Customer Experiences
  • The Future of Social and Digital Selling
  • Cloud Computing - Jobs and Salary
  • Cloud Computing - Learning Path


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